Stan Kenton Complete Capitol Recordings 1943-47 MINT Mosaic 10 LP Box Set LtdEd#999

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Stan Kenton ‎– The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings Of Stan Kenton 1943-47

Mosaic Records (2) ‎– MQ10-163
10 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


Record 1
A1 Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me (Master Take) 3:04
A2 Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me (First Issued Take) 3:04
A3 Eager Beaver (Master Take) 3:09
A4 Eager Beaver (First Issued Take) 3:09
A5 Harlem Folk Dance (First Issued Take) 2:16
A6 Harlem Folk Dance (Master Take) 2:16
A7 Artistry In Rhythm 3:18
A8 How Many Hearts Have You Broken 3:11
B1 She’s Funny That Way 3:02
B2 I’m Going Mad For A Pad 3:05
B3 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (78 Take) 3:05
B4 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (LP Take) 3:07
B5 Seet Dreams, Sweetheart 3:03
B6 Gotta Be Gettin’ 2:45
B7 Say It ISn’t So 3:05
B8 Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye 2:55
Record 2
C1 Are You Livin’ Old Man 2:36
C2 Balboa Bash 2:38
C3 Ooh, What I Dreamed About You 2:39
C4 I Want A Grown Up Man 2:46
C5 Travelin’ Man 2:53
C6 Around The Town 2:53
C7 Tampico 2:42
C8 Southern Scandal 3:05
D1 Opus In Pastels 3:03
D2 It’s Been A Long, Long Time 2:44
D3 Don’t Let Me Dream 2:42
D4 Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’ 2:34
D5 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (78 Take) 2:48
D6 Artistry Jumps 2:36
D7 Painted Rhythm (Alternate Take) 3:01
D8 Painted Rhythm 2:54
Record 3
E1 Blue Music 3:31
E2 Body And Soul 3:14
E3 We’ll Be Together Again 3:32
E4 Easy Street 3:36
E5 On The Sunny Side Of The STreet 3:47
E6 I Surrender Dear 3:25
E7 Begin The Beguine 2:35
E8 Two Moose In A Caboose 3:22
F1 Solitude 3:17
F2 No Baby, Nobody But You 2:42
F3 Never Too Late To Pray 3:31
F4 Tea For Two 2:52
F5 One Twenty 2:42
F6 Don’t Blame Me 1:57
F7 Intermission Riff 4:04
Record 4
G1 It Ain’t Necessarily So 3:36
G2 I Never Thought I’d Sing The Blues 2:59
G3 Artistry In Rhythm – Opening Theme 0:34
G4 Artistry In Rhythm – Closing Theme 1:43
G5 Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy 2:35
G6 I Been Down In Texas 3:06
G7 All The Time 2:56
G8 That’s The Least You Can Do 2:57
G9 Imntermission Riff 3:13
H1 Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days, One Hour Blues 3:03
H2 Rika Jika Jack (Alternate Take) 3:01
H3 Rika Jika Jack 3:01
H4 Artistry In Boogie 2:57
H5 Come Back To Sorrento 3:04
H6 Who’s Got A Tent For Rent 2:25
H7 I Got The Sun In The Morning 2:58
Record 5
I1 Peg O’ My Heart 3:33
I2 Come Rain Or Come Shine 2:58
I3 They Say It’s Wonderful 3:14
I4 I Don’t Know Why, I Just Do 4:13
I5 He’s Funny That Way 3:12
I6 Lover 2:03
I7 Ain’t No Misery In Me 3:01
I8 Artistry In Percussion 3:13
J1 Safranski (First Take) 3:07
J2 Safranski (Second Take) 3:07
J3 Artistry In Bolero 3:03
J4 Until The REal Thing Comes Along 2:49
J5 I’m Yours 3:16
J6 Yesterdays 3:37
J7 I’ve Got The World On A String 3:40
J8 Ecuador 2:41
Record 6
K1 End Of The World 3:53
K2 More Than You Know 2:25
K3 Reed Rapture 2:18
K4 You May Not Love Me 2:56
K5 That’s Thje Least You Can Do 3:01
K6 Sepulveda 2:37
K7 I’d Be Lost Without You 3:03
L1 Lover Man 3:25
L2 Scotch And Water 2:58
L3 Cocktails For Two 3:01
L4 Everybody Swing 2:16
L5 It’s A Pity To Say Goodnight 2:53
L6 Willow Weep For Me 3:11
L7 Fantasy 2:39
Record 7
M1 Concert To End All Concertos – Pt. 1 3:11
M2 Concert To End All Concertos – Pt. 2 3:07
M3 Collaboration 2:45
M4 Don’t Want That Man Around 2:56
M5 Opus In Pastels (Alernate Take) 2:48
M6 Opus In Pastels 2:48
M7 His Feet To Big For De Bed 2:45
M8 After You 2:59
N1 Down In Chi-Hua-Hua 2:57
N2 Don’t Want That Man Around 3:03
N3 Machito 2:25
N4 Collaboration 2:41
N5 Rhythm Incorporated – Pt.1 2:41
N6 Rhythm Incorporated – Pt.2 2:01
N7 There Is No Greater Love 3:03
Record 8
O1 Across The Alley From The Alamo 2:35
O2 Collaboration 2:39
O3 How Am I To Know 2:43
O4 The Spider And The Fly 2:24
O5 Minor Riff 3:05
O6 Machito 2:27
O7 Lover 2:44
P1 Monotony 2:55
P2 Interlude 3:13
P3 Artistry In Halrem Swing 2:46
P4 Please Be Kind 2:57
P5 I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good 2:19
P6 By The River Ste. Marie 1:39
P7 April In Paris 2:14
P8 Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me 2:04
Record 9
Q1 If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 3:44
Q2 Sophisticated Lady 3:14
Q3 The Fatal Apple 2:29
Q4 Elegy For Alto 3:10
Q5 Soothe Me 3:09
Q6 Chorale For Brass, Piano And Bongo 3:01
Q7 Curiosity 2:40
R1 Theme To The West 3:09
R2 Abstraction 3:05
R3 Fugue For Rhythm Section 2:56
R4 Monotony 3:06
R5 Unison Riff 3:10
R6 Lament 3:05
R7 Introduction To A Latin Rhythm 2:40
Record 10
S1 Impressionism 3:00
S2 I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out 2:46
S3 He Was A Good Man As Good Men Go 2:34
S4 Cuban Carnival 2:45
S5 The Peanut Vendor 2:43
S6 Lonely Woman 3:28
S7 Thermopolae 2:545
S8 Metronome Riff 2:41
T1 Introduction To A Latin Rhythm 2:42
T2 Journey To Brazil 3:01
T3 How High The Moon 2:28
T4 Harlem Holiday 2:32
T5 This Is My Theme 3:11
T6 Bongo Riff 2:07
T7 Somnambulism 3:06
T8 Interlude 3:09


Limited To 5,000 Albums
Including Booklet with 32 pages

UNPLAYED Stan Kenton Complete Capitol 1943-1947 10 LPS BOX SET Mosaic #999/5000.

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The Complete Capitol Studio Recordings Of Stan Kenton 1943-47



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