Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown Mosaic 7 LP SEALED Box Set LtdEd Jazz Blues

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NEW SEALED 1994 7 LP Box Set. Hand numbered limited edition. Less than 3,500 sold in 1994.

Charles Brown ‎– The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown

Mosaic Records (2) ‎– MQ7-153
7 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


Record One
A1 Blazer’s Boogie 2:32
A2 Baby Don’t You Cry 3:25
A3 Drifting Blues (Alt Tk) 3:13
A4 Drifting Blues 3:12
A5 Groovy 2:49
A6 You Are My First Love 3:03
A7 Race Track Blues 3:00
A8 Until The Real Thing Comes Along 3:04
B1 Rocks In My Bed 2:38
B2 Honey Keep Your Mind On Me 2:31
B3 Foolish 2:36
B4 My Last Affair 2:30
B5 Homesick Blues 3:12
B6 I Wonder When My Baby’s Coming Home 2:49
B7 Dedicated To You 3:20
Record Two
C1 What A Life 2:34
C2 How High The Moon 2:13
C3 Ooh! Ooh! Sugar 2:59
C4 Get Yourself Another Fool 3:00
C5 Baby, Do You Know The Game? 2:24
C6 In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) 2:54
C7 It’s Nothing 2:49
D1 Trouble Blues 2:20
D2 I Don’t Care Who Knows 2:51
D3 When You’re Alone 2:55
D4 Please Be Kind 2:47
D5 A Long Time 2:54
D6 My Interpretation Of Love 2:48
D7 You Gave Me Everything But Love 2:54
Record Three
E1 So Mistreated 3:39
E2 Tormented 2:44
E3 Alleey Batting 2:59
E4 I Stumbled Over You 3:01
E5 Take Me 2:48
E6 Let’s Have A Ball 2:35
E7 Forgive Me 2:25
F1 Did You Ever Love A Woman 3:07
F2 Again 3:07
F3 My Baby’s Gone 2:57
F4 Repetnance Blues 3:15
F5 Gee! 3:05
F6 One Never Knows, Does One? 3:02
F7 Texas Blues 2:53
Record Four
G1 It’s Raining 3:04
G2 Don’t Fool With My Heart 3:06
G3 I’ve Made Up My Mind 2:50
G4 I’ve Got That Old Feeling 3:12
G5 Be Still In My Heart 2:57
G6 Without The One Love 2:21
G7 Black Night 3:04
H1 Seven Long Days 2:58
H2 I’ll Always Be In Love With You 2:54
H3 Once There Lived A Fool 2:22
H4 The Message 2:40
H5 All My Life 2:32
H6 Moonrise 2:48
H7 Tender Heart 2:42
Record Five
I1 Still Water 2:55
I2 Hard Times 3:01
I3 Love Is A Gamble 3:10
I4 Evening Shadows 2:43
I5 Rollin’ Like A Pebble In The Sand 2:50
I6 Rising Sun 2:29
I7 I Lost Everything 3:09
J1 Don’t Leave Poor Me (Alt Tk) 2:56
J2 Don’t Leave Me Poor 3:17
J3 Lonesome Feeling 2:52
J4 Cryin’ And Driftin’ Blues 2:37
J5 Goodnight My Love 3:06
J6 Cryin’ Mercy 2:41
J7 P.S. I Love You 2:33
Record Six
K1 Let’s Walk 3:01
K2 Everybody’s Got Troubles 3:20
K3 My Silent Love 2:39
K4 I Want To Fool Around With You 2:38
K5 Honey Sipper 2:18
K6 By The Bend In The River 2:53
K7 I’ve Been Saving My Love For You 1:55
L1 Nite After Nite 3:15
L2 Walk With Me 2:26
L3 My Heart Is Mended 3:00
L4 Hot Lips And Seven Kisses 2:19
L5 I See By The Papers 3:16
L6 Fool’s Paradise 2:46
L7 Trees, Trees 3:15
Record Seven
M1 One Minute To One 2:41
M2 Please Don’t Drive Me Away 2:19
M3 Tomorrow 2:48
M4 Knock Me A Kiss 2:30
M5 I’ll Always Be In Love With You 2:33
M6 Soothe Me 2:22
M7 It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie 2:31
N1 Please Believe Me 2:52
N2 There Is No Greater Love 2:13
N3 Merry Christmas, Baby 2:53
N4 You Taught Me To Love 2:45
N5 Get Yourself Another Fool 2:51
N6 All Is Forgiven 2:17
N7 Confidential 2:21



Limited To 3,500 Albums
Including Booklet with 20 pages

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The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown



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